Poet’s Corner

April 30th, 2017

Dark Haven

My eyes grow heavy with every minute
Time has not been my friend
There is a pull that I cannot fight
That make my lids fall again

I do not want to fight it anymore
My body becomes weaker as the moment passes
It would be so easy to give in
And let it take me over

It creates a safe haven for my mind
However it is always on edge
It continues to show me the dreams
Of my worst fears and possible regrets

But as I sit in silence
And my eyes finally close
Everything around me is far away
And it becomes hard to bring me back

So when the dreams stay at bay
And my mind finally clears
I crave the feeling of the darkness
And how safe I am in my solitude

When my eyes open and find the light
The darkness call me back
The light burns my eyes
The pain makes me fight for my safe place

My eyes close tightly
I begin to pray it’s not time
I’m not ready to face this pain
That will be when I arise

So the darkness continues to call for me
As I fight through my day
It’s whispers float over me
And they never go away

Now the darkness is calling me
It’s pull is strongest at this time
To take me under this trance
Until the sun burns my eyes

March 11th, 2017


Trapped inside
The wind howling around me
The elements are strong
They scream their frustrations
They cannot be stopped
They taunt, they meddle
With no intentions than just to be
There is no way to fight
They are stronger than any human structure
The elements have to be embraced
You cannot stop them
You have to go through them
You have to brave the elements
Until they decide they are done with you
Until they decide to stop

February 7th, 2017

Story Time

If I could tell you a story
And if I knew it was my last story
I would tell you of the best of times

I would tell you of the laughter that now brings tears
I would tell you of the times I wish I could relive
I would tell you of past smiles that have brightened my day

I would try to keep a grin upon your face
I would try to make you feel what I felt in that moment
The bittersweet memories that remind me to smile through the pain

I want you to know of the people who brighten my life
I want to share the lessons they taught me
These are stories I want to share with you

If I were to tell my last story
I would want to share the times that inspired me
The times that reminded me to fight

If you were to take anything from my story
I would hope that you would know that life is filled with joy
And to remember that failing is an important way to learn.

December 16th, 2016

Sweet Release

I feel my heart race inside my chest
My blood begins to pump faster through my veins
My head pounds with the increased tension
A weight has been placed upon my shoulders
A weight that I cannot shake
Until I see that sweet release
The shiny blade that cuts through me
I can feel my blood upon my skin
As the beautiful pain begins to set in
I see the color of red glisten in the light
I smile at the thought of this last sight
The fear I had no longer matters
I’m going to a place beyond this life
As the weight begins to lift
As my mind begins to drift
My eyesight becomes blurry
The light begins to turn to dark
The blood begins to run cold
As my heart begins to slow
The tears begin to fall from my eyes
Finally, my pain will subside
Now I will finally be at peace
Thank you for the sweet release

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