The Beauty Around You

There are times I forget about what's around me. I become so consumed by my inner demons that I take my surroundings for granted. Today, however, despite the bronchitis, I took the time to take a walk. I am living in the oldest city in North America and sometimes it is hard to appreciate the … Continue reading The Beauty Around You


Finding The Words

It has been a hard week. So hard in fact, it was hard to find the words to actually type up a blog. I wanted to so much, as this is a large outlet for me. Either the concentration wasn't there or I just had no idea how to convey what I was even thinking. … Continue reading Finding The Words

The Things I Thought I Would Never Do

It's day three here at Marble Mountain ski resort for the Winter Pride Weekend! I think for the first time, and for such short notice, the weekend has been going really well. Over the past couple of days I really have been trying to embrace the weekend and taking advantage of the amazing opportunities that … Continue reading The Things I Thought I Would Never Do