Shapes and Sizes

Happy Friday! I apologize that this entry is coming late. With work, more work, with a side of pool league it has been a fairly busy week. Also... to be quite honest, it was hard to come up with a topic this week. However, there is a topic that I have been meaning to discuss, … Continue reading Shapes and Sizes


The Battle of the Body

  Howdy folks.  I have a few great blog ideas up my sleeve for the next couple entries so please stay tuned for that! However,  I just came across an article on my Facebook feed that I wanted to share with you. Word vomit will come later when I get time.  🙂 But for now. … Continue reading The Battle of the Body

The Things I Thought I Would Never Do

It's day three here at Marble Mountain ski resort for the Winter Pride Weekend! I think for the first time, and for such short notice, the weekend has been going really well. Over the past couple of days I really have been trying to embrace the weekend and taking advantage of the amazing opportunities that … Continue reading The Things I Thought I Would Never Do