Raise Up

It has been quite some time since my last blog post. I do apologize. Over the past month I have opened my laptop to write, but I keep closing it. It’s been hard to come up with a topic; hard to actually formulate something that I actually wanted to share. However, there was an incident that happened this week that I want to share with my readers.

It was nothing out of the ordinary. Just a typical day at work. I’ve been working at this job now for over eight months, as I have written about previously. Time really has flown. With this particular position it’s fairly independent in the sense that it’s just you, a computer, and the person you’re speaking to. There’s no one watching your every move, no one really monitoring your performance as closely as I have been monitored in previous work settings. We do get general updates, but they aren’t very personal.


Sometimes there is time to stand and stretch your legs. During these times a few of us get up and chat and we get to know our neighbors a little better beyond the cubicle wall. I can’t remember how the conversation ended up this way (I think I was making fun of the guy that hangs out on the other side of my wall) and one of the girls that have been there longer than me, who I haven’t had a chance to talk with in quite some time, spoke up and said to me, “You are wicked on the phone! I’ve been overhearing you and you are awesome!” I said, “I know!” As I do when anyone says that I’m awesome.

This really stuck with me. The fact that one of my peers has taken the time to pay attention to my calls (some of them she probably hasn’t had any choice; I can be loud) and also give me a compliment that sounded genuine really gave me a bit more of an assurance that I’m going in the right direction. I’m getting better.


When I know I’m doing well, and someone else is actually seeing that I am doing well and commenting on it, this actually gives me the motivation and drive to get better and better. It’s hard being in a place where all you get is criticisms rather than praise. I’ve also been in that position too. Forget about what you’re doing well, you have to improve here, here, and here.

I guess the main point to this blog post is if you have the opportunity to raise up the people around you rather than putting them down, lift them up! You don’t know what is happening in their minds and what is on their hearts. Perhaps they are feeling insecure with aspects of their lives that by complimenting them or just giving them a reason to smile really can change their mood for the better. It may give them the push they need, the drive to work harder and be stronger for themselves.

Well this is my short and sweet post for today. I am trying to get back into the habit of writing more blog posts. I am also trying to get back to the heart of what this blog is for me. It’s a way to help me work through making myself healthier both mentally and physically. It’s also a way for me to vent about making the world around me one I actually want to live in.

Time to bid adieu!

Cheers and Stay Smiling



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