The Beauty Around You

There are times I forget about what’s around me. I become so consumed by my inner demons that I take my surroundings for granted. Today, however, despite the bronchitis, I took the time to take a walk. I am living in the oldest city in North America and sometimes it is hard to appreciate the beauty in my surroundings. So, with a smoothie in hand, I gallivanted around the downtown area of this beautiful city. I almost coughed up a lung in the process, but it was such a beautiful day and I knew I couldn’t stay inside the house.


I have been living in this city for ten years and there are still things to find and learn. There are sights that I saw with new eyes today, some I don’t recall seeing before today. I also visited some of my favorite spots in the downtown area. I even had a bite to eat at one of my favorite DT restaurants and had tacos and a pint. It was a nice couple of hours. And I also have a sunburn to show for it.


I keep wishing for more. I always keep wanting more. But what is the more I’m looking for?

Ideally, all I want is to see the world. But I’m dismissing the world that I am living in every day. Belittling the world that is around me. I feel at times as though I am hating what is around me solely because it is never what I wanted. I never wanted to be living here. I thought I would have seen beyond the west coast of the province by now. I thought I would be travelling, studying abroad, something that took me away from here.

giphy (1)

But here, this is where the love of my life is. This is where my family is. There is more culture outside my door than I give this city credit for. I would like to think I have made some great friendships over the years as well. At times I’m sure I do not seem appreciative of these things but I hope these people know that I am so blessed to have them in my life and they make my days brighter just by being in it.

So this is where I leave you for tonight. Appreciate the beauty that is around you. Life is what you make it!

Cheers and stay smiling!



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