Rip Off That Bandage!

Howdily doodily! Happy Tuesday evening everybody! DumbOptimist here getting in a few words. I actually may be posting another blog this week as well if I get time so please keep an eye out for that!

Just a reminder, tomorrow is Bell Let’s Talk. This is when Bell Mobility keep track of the texts, phone calls, and their social media posts of their customers and donate 5 cents for every time someone takes the initiative to use their services or #BellLetsTalk through social media for 24 hours. It was my main reason to make my blog more available to friends and family in 2016 and I am trying to continue to share and hopefully inspire people to share their experience with mental illness. Despite those feeling that this is just a push to promote Bell Mobility, for some, this really gets the ball rolling on sharing and voicing their experience when perhaps they would not have otherwise.


Now that we have that reminder out of the way, now let’s talk about what I’m really here for tonight. Other than the obligation that I have made to myself to blog at least ones per week (ideally on Tuesdays, it is the most obtainable day of the week because of my work/extra-curricular activities) I also have a topic I wanted to explore with ya’ll.

When I refer to the title “Rip Off The Bandage” it really ties back into my struggle with procrastination. Today was my first time stepping back into my previous place of work since I was dismissed. I had some paperwork I had to pick up and I just wanted it done and over with. I had been dreading going back in there. I hadn’t spoke to anyone since before Christmas and I didn’t know if anyone would ask questions or try to make small talk.But I had to pick it up. I had to push my feelings aside from November and get it over with.

I text messaged my “significant other” and once he said he would be out for the day I thought that instead of going home alone I would just go DT and get that all sorted out. I probably wouldn’t get much time throughout the rest of the week so it was the perfect opportunity. However, once I got on the bus and started the drive down my body began to go into anxiety mode; a sick stomach mostly. I would have rather went and had dental work than go back in there.

As I got closer I kept reminding myself that I am truly enjoying the training for my new job and that things truly worked out for the best. So I held my head high and worked my way in through the door. One of the girls I enjoyed working with was behind the counter and we caught up as the manager was grabbing my final paperwork. It was actually nice to catch up.

So, yes. The time had come to rip that bandage off. In this particular case, I had it built up in my head as though it would be like the scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin when Andy gets his chest waxed.


However, it was actually one of those moments that once that bandage was ripped off it immediately felt good. It was almost a healing moment for me. I left feeling much better now that I had the chance to step in there and say to myself “I went back in there and kept my cool.” And it really put it into perspective how much that everything did work out for the best.

Generally when I am whining about my procrastination  it is in reference to chores or things happening around the house. With that said, I do procrastinate because of my anxiety. For example, going to the supermarket gives me anxiety. So if I can avoid the supermarket I will. However, if I HAVE to go, I do. It is something that I fight with myself and do despite my anxiety. Some days are better than others (like today, the physiological aftermath of my anxiety from going to get that paperwork put a damper on wanting to go to the supermarket afterwards) but I keep telling myself that this is all in my head and that bandage needs to be ripped off.

To sum up, when push comes to shove, once that bandage is ripped off the cut is exposed to the world. It may take a long time, but generally that skin has started to heal under the bandage and now it needs some air to continue the healing process. Just rip it off people and let it heal!!


Well, that’s enough out of this DumbOptimist for tonight. Don’t forget! #BellLetsTalk!

Cheers and Stay Smiling!



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