Step Back

Good evening! It’s Tuesday. Me and my kitty cat are having a lovely evening watching some Netflix . And by that I mean I’m watching Jane The Virgin, and the kitty is staring out the window behind me.

Well. I have over one week punched at the new job. So far… I think it’s going well. It’s new, it’s a lot to learn. It’s different than anything I’ve really been a part of before and, surprisingly, I am finding it very interesting.

It’s funny. There are a lot of times that some of the things that I have enjoyed most in my life are things that, really, I never thought I would do or try. I was actually very reluctant to apply for the position that I now have. I had a job I thought I was similar to this, actually, it was my first job, and I really wasn’t a big fan of that position. It really turned me away from that line of work.

But, when you’re backed into a corner financially, you’ll apply for anything. I applied to administrative jobs, other retail positions, restaurants, pretty much whatever was on the job bank that I could get to. Including the job that I am training for now. Which, as I have said in the past, feels like a blessing in disguise.


So why exactly am I going on and on about the past month? I feel like I sound like a broken record. Despite everything, I’ve always tried to be independent. I try to solve my own problems. I never want to burden anyone else with my issues.

But, sometimes, you don’t have the answers to all of your problems. And sometimes, the answers are not always the most obvious to you. At times, the answers are there obvious to those around you but you can’t see it. It’s like what I call the “ketchup bottle in the fridge” effect. It’s right in front of you but you are oblivious to it and sometimes, that person’s hand comes behind you and grabs that ketchup bottle and makes you feel silly for not seeing it in the first place.


I had so many opportunities that I could not see. I had a support system that I did not realize I could rely on. That ketchup bottle was next to the milk carton. And now that I finally found the ketchup bottle, I can use it! Haha.

So, I guess my advice dear readers, the few of you that are out there, is take a step back. Take a step back from that ego, or stubborn nature, or whatever it is that is stopping you from embracing what is around you. Then, breathe. Take the time to see what is around you. Don’t be scared, and just leap. At least then you can say you tried.

So, time to bid you adieu!

Cheers and Stay Smiling!



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