Music Therapy

So… it’s Tuesday. You know what that means!?


Well… it’s actually blogging time. But y’know. It’s one of the things I look forward to all week!

What do I write about today? I’ve been asking myself this all day. I keep getting sidetracked by Bates Motel. Ooohhhh. Scary right?


I’ve been trying to keep myself pumped up these last few days. It has been tough. One thing that really helps me when I’m feeling down is to turn on some music. You can probably guess by the song lyrics that are the titles of many of my posts that I love music. I am not musically inclined (unless you count the air guitar. I can do mean solos with that thing!) however, when a song comes over the radio (or Spotify playlist) that I haven’t heard in a while, a song that reminds me of a great time, or just a song with a great beat it is hard for me to be kept down. I’ll sing along if I know the words, heck I’ll make up words or hum if I don’t. If a song comes to me if I’m alone I’ll sing what I know out loud. If I have the technology, I’ll even search it and listen to it. Generally when a song gets stuck in my head the only way to get it out is to listen to it.
I have made a couple of playlists that have songs that I find upbeat, empowering, or just plain hilarious that make me smile (think Tenacious D & The Lonely Island). Sometimes if I’m alone music is really the only way that can bring me out of the funk (pun totally intended) that I’m in. There is a song for every emotion, and if I can’t find the perfect one, sometimes I’ll make up my own lyrics and sing. It’s been a while since I’ve put any of those words to paper. And I can’t play any instruments to actually make up a tune. So I just sing. Sing until I smile, or cry, depending on the day.

Music has always been my escape. Ever since I was younger I would turn the music up loud and just let it take me away. Whether it was my first Backstreet Boys CD from my childhood, my teenage angst music like Papa Roach and Marilyn Manson, or now with my nostalgia for 90’s alternative rock music and Foo Fighters, it plays loud until it gets the job done. It’s my own personal prescription.


Music helps me feel better. Reach out in the comments and share what helps you when you feel down?

Time to bid adieu!

Cheers and Stay Smiling!



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