We Made It!


2016… GOOD RIDDANCE! Hahaha.

Okay… some good things came out of 2016 for DumbOptimist. Obviously, DumbOptimist came to fruition. Which is something I had always wanted to do but didn’t know exactly if the world was ready for it. I love blogging and am ecstatic that there are people out there who truly enjoy my writing.

Deadpool officially hit theatres, and now a BluRay copy resides in my movie collection. 🙂


2016 began with such promise. I had the opportunity to write not only for DumbOptimist, which is just my own ramblings, but for a magazine. I was a part of a great Pride Weekend at Marble Mountain last year which a lot of fun. I also had a chance to meet some fantastic people during TedXYouth events happening in our fair city.

The summer brought on some changes that I thought were for the better. I was replacing old problems that were giving me anxiety with new problems that were making me bored. Then summer turned to fall, as it does, and then those problems that were making me bored were again replaced with brand new problems that were causing anxiety, stress, and questioning my worth. Problems that I had on a small scale but never at this caliber.

Despite this, December flew. Between pool league, resume sending, Christmas planning, tooth pulling, it was a busy month that flew by. I feel as though I was just as busy as ever.


So 2017, what do you have in store?

Well, one thing I am trying to keep in mind for 2017 is that I, DO, am in control of how I interpret my situation. Sometimes situations suck, they sometimes are out of my control, however, how I interpret these situations and solve the issues that arise is really how I can determine the outcome. If I sit back and watch it unravel then it’s really my own fault how things play out. If I try my absolute best to overcome it then perhaps the outcome will be in my favor. Or, if I fail, at least I know I did absolutely everything I could to change it.

So this, January 1st, 2017, I am in control of today! I may not be in control of the events that take place, but I am in control of how I handle it.

This is something 2016 taught me. So thank you 2016. On a small scale and a large  scale you may have been quite the asshole, taking many great artists and performers away from the world, other things that have been happening that I can’t really comment on. But it really reminds us to not take what is around us for granted. You never know when it’s gone.


Though Alan Rickman has many great roles, i.e., Professor Snape, Hans Gruber, etc. I always love him as The Metatron from Dogma. 

So, this is my little ramble for New Years Day! Now is time I bid adieu. It’s actually sunny and I’m thinking it may be a great day for walking in the park with my partner. If I can claw the console controller from his hands. Haha.

Cheers and STAY SMILING!



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