Slacking… again!

Good Morning Folks!

Yes. It is morning. I am awake. The kitty is having a nap next to me. He is doing much better!!

I have been trying to keep Tuesdays as my main day to blog, however this Tuesday I had errands to run, i.e. taking kitty to the vet, going to the dreaded supermarket, watching A Clockwork Orange for the first time.


Then there’s the rest of the week that has been filled with work, pool, naps, and watching another Kubrick classic, The Shining. Not nearly as good as the book, which I was reading this spring.

So needless to say, I have excuses for my slacking. I always have excuses! 😉

And again, this is just going to be a quick blog because, I am procrastinating and I soon have to get ready to get my ass to work. I enjoyed sleep too much this morning.

So because of this shoddy blog entry, I will leave you with a fun Halloween video!

Cheers and Stay Smiling



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