Chilling in the Park

Happy Wednesday!  Which means I owe readers a blog.  I’m actually sitting in the park listening to some embarrassing pop tunes (yes, some Iggy and Meghan Trainor). Tonight pool is on hiatus; fall session starts next week. This means that I have a Wednesday evening to myself! Once I finished my shift I walked to the nearest ice cream shop and had perhaps one of my last scoops of Turtle Cheesecake ice cream for the season. :(. 

It’s a chilly evening now the sun has begun to set.  There’s people walking their babies, playing with their puppies (a term I use loosely), strolling along.  I love the park.  I can just sit with my earbuds in and just forget the world.  I would be reading now if I had a book on me. 
This is something that is small that I promised myself that I would do once a week.  This is my first time in here alone in a nice while. Lately I’m here with the boys catching Pokemon.  :S.  

The way I feel here though makes it worth it.  It’s a half hour or so that I’m spending outside.  When I get home I have to do chores. :(. Just for this moment, I’m with myself.  I don’t have to think about anything beyond the park fence. 

Well, the street lights are starting to come on (can’t believe time is going so quickly!) and my foot is asleep. Over the next week I will definitely be working on a entry that is very special to me so stay tuned for that. 

Time to bid you adieu.  

Cheers and Stay Smiling 




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