An Open Letter To Justin Trudeau On Mental Health

Dave is a blogger I had the opportunity to meet and one I have shared in the past. As someone who has also dealt with the healthcare system here, perhaps if someone 10-11 years ago didn’t get phased by my mask and told my mother I needed more help rather than brushing me aside as a overdramatic teen, perhaps I would be in a different stage of my fight.

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Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

You don’t know me. But, I’ve been writing this blog for quite a while. Mental illness is a topic that comes up quite a bit. It’s something that’s very close to my heart.

Every Canadian knows someone that is either living with a mental illness, or has been impacted by it. And yet still, we as a country are falling behind in the treatment of individuals living with these illnesses.

Sure, once or twice a year we see the feel good campaign of a telecommunications giant trot out their hashtag and celebrities and have everyone tweet for mental health. And while I do think awareness is important — and please, do forgive my sardonic sense of humour — it’s not what we need right now.

What we need right now is action.

Recently, a 20-year-old young woman named Hailey Baker lost her battle with mental illness…

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