One Day Remains

I know, it has been almost two whole weeks since my last confessional blog. It has been a busy few days. I’m sitting here with my significant other and we’re finally getting a chance to sit down and watch The Tragically Hip‘s final concert. It’s an amazing performance so far and Downie’s voice keeps getting stronger and stronger as they make the way through the set list.


I feel as though I can write an entire blog entry about the impact that The Hip has had on music, not only in Canada but across the world. However, it would come from a place of ignorance, as my appreciation for The Hip is new. Over the last couple of years my love for them has grown, but it’s not a band I typically listened to. Now, perhaps I am maturing (hahahahaha). My musical taste is definitely maturing and I keep listening to mostly 90s tunes. So I will leave the words regarding this band to those who are die hard fans. 🙂

So, back to “one day remains”. The title of my entry. The main reason that I haven’t been writing much in the last couple of weeks is because I have been very busy, and by very busy, I mean by the time I get home I’m too tired to open my laptop that alone type a blog entry. What has kept me busy you may ask?Well, since my last word vomit, I actually have found a new place of employment! Right now I am finishing up my final 2 weeks at my full time job, while also doing training shifts at my new job, and also trying to fit time for my part time job and the magazine as well. So I have been spending a lot of my free time vegging out. Finishing some TV shows, doing laundry, fighting late evening naps because I’m scared I won’t sleep that night.


So tomorrow is my last day at the job I have had for the last three and a half years. As you can guess from previous entries, it was time. It has been a position where I have been feeling that I have been stuck. A position where I been feeling for a while that it was somewhere that I didn’t see a future for myself. I hit the wall. I feel as though I tried as hard as I could to give 100%  considering I was dealing with my personal battles, for example the counseling and group sessions I was doing last fall (wow it’s been almost a year! Time has been flying!).

It was hard, and sometimes is still hard to find the strength to lift others around you every day when you hardly have that strength for yourself. It’s been really tough the last couple of months.  I’ve been experimenting with new medications which has put a wrench in my routine. But as Trooper says, “If you don’t like what you got, why don’t you change it?” With changes happening around me rather than happening with me, it was time for me to put my foot down and make some changes for myself. I’ve been feeling that my potential would be appreciated more elsewhere.

As for the new job, I’m still getting a feel for the position. It’s strange being the new person again and learning new techniques. It is still retail, but it’s in walking distance and I will not have to be quite as dependent on Sir Loser Cruiser.

I am focusing on the benefits. Am I anxious to be leaving something I have come to know so well? Yes. Am I scared that this will not work out? Yes. However, I have been whining that there is nothing new in my life, now there is! Time to reap the benefits! Better hours, more time for me, and having a fantastic opportunity to learn something new.

So that’s really the big news in my life. Sunday will be my first day off in 20 days. I’m extremely excited for Sunday!! Between finishing out the jobs, working on an article for the magazine, spending time with the nephew and my partner, pool playing, and PokémonGo playing, it has been a busy month. Summer is soon gone! *wipes tears from eyes.*

I am honestly nervous and excited to see what is next to come. It’s another step in my journey to get to know myself better and find out who I am. It’s a new beginning, a new chapter of sorts. I hope to keep you all updated on my escapades; my triumphs and my downfalls. And I hope that anything I write is a way to show my readers that they are not alone on their struggle to find themselves. If there is anything that can come out of my words is I hope that people who feel stuck, or ever feel like they are not appreciated, or those who question why they are here in the first place, can know they are not alone, and there is help for those who need it.

Okay, there we go. Time to bid adieu and finish listening to the amazing voice of Gord Downie.

Cheers and Stay Smiling



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