The Battle of the Body


Howdy folks.  I have a few great blog ideas up my sleeve for the next couple entries so please stay tuned for that!

However,  I just came across an article on my Facebook feed that I wanted to share with you. Word vomit will come later when I get time.  đŸ™‚ But for now.

This article hit a little too close to home. I actually found it as I’m here eating a yummy Quiznos sub and grabbed a cookie with half of my daily calorie intake in its contents.

Firstly,  I want to say that I have issues with me.  My body and mind. Many of these issues are from my own mental filter, but others are from people in my life who have been either teasing me about my weight or telling me that I need to lose a few pounds.  

Right now I work in one of the trendiest clothing stores in the mall. It is a store that strongly encourages (as in forces, otherwise they can get verbal warnings) the associates to wear brands that they carry. For someone my size, a lot of their fashion clothing doesn’t fit me, and what does isn’t flattering.  I end up buying jeans that my thighs erode and brand tees and hoodies that help mask my shape.  If I am wearing something shapely I’m either asked about when the nonexistent baby is due or told that it’s too short or my ass is hanging out if it.

Needless to say, for someone my size, working retail can be brutal.  You’re expecting to play the part, but look like a sore thumb out of place while doing so.  I’m not even a big girl, but when shopping for clothes, you would swear I would need to buy all the muumuus considering how everything fits.

Society has so much pressure on us to look and act a certain way. We are ridiculed for being too fat, too skinny, too ripped, too lanky; there are so many things that people are having to speak for and there has to be a reason.  

“God, she looks like she eats her feelings.”

“Does that girl eat at all?”

“That’s gross! Why would anyone spend their time getting so ripped their veins are popping out of their body?”

I admit, I am to blame for the last one (sorry John Cena). But until we start reconditioning our distorted ideals about the human body, these feelings will continue.  

Gyms will continue to take advantage of those who are told they have to change.  Stores will continue to sell those small sizes to girls who, in some cases, are killing themselves to fit into them. Cosmetics will sell as long as someone still believes they need them to look beautiful.  Surgeries will still happen for those who want to defy their bodies to look appealing to society.

Until we step up and say I love me! What you say cannot hurt me anymore! What society says can’t hurt me anymore! Until then, posts like this one will continue.

Just some comments on her post.

1) Us bigger girls DO have nicer asses!

2) For chub rub, if you put some deodorant between your thighs it does combat a lot of chafing. One of the best pointers my old co-workers told me.  I wear skirts with happiness now! 

3) As for the club scene, the only time I ever was hit on was by the girl at Velvet (see nice asses link).  I remember years ago when I first began going to bars with my university friends we would dance and guys would always try to dance next to them. The only guys who would dance with me were their friends who we would meet up with, and they possibly were members of the LGBT+ community (I know one guy was for sure). Whether it was the “I’m taken!” vibe I was giving or if it was my weight or my looks, I do not know.  But it was discouraging at the time. Now I’m older, a lot of my friends are in relationships and it’s not something that really comes up. And obviously I am going in on a full decade with my partner, so I don’t need that attention. With that said, that “flattery” does go a long way. 

Okay. This entry was written over the span of my Quiznos meal and my bus ride home. Really just to put it into perspective, instead of judging a person on their body, judge them for what they do with it.

Cheers and Stay Smiling!



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