“Is it worth it? Make me work it!”

Alas, I am here on this day that has turned gray.  The sun has disappeared from view, rendering my sunglasses useless for this weather. As I stand here, awaiting the arrival of the loser cruiser itself, the metrobus, I question whether or not the X amount of monies that I will make at the mall tonight would make this worth it.  And I obviously started to sing the lines from Missy Elliott’s “Work It” because I mean, ya got to.  

I have actually been standing at this bus stop for approximately 40 minutes.  When I stood out here it was a warm day, full of promise, sun shining down on my skin.  Now the sun is hidden behind the cloulds and the air has become significantly colder.  There are goosebumps on my arms and legs.  I continue to wait.  Also. I checked. There is no Pokemon to catch in my area. THAT should have been the first sign that everything was going in the crapper. Haha.  

I’m told by Metrobus that the bus had broken down by the HSC. Why couldn’t they place a bulletin on their website to notify those who are dependent on getting to work? Now I’m probably going to be 40 minutes late.  That’s like my bus ride in cash I will be missing now. And a latte that I could have had.  *grumble grumble*

Ah, now my carriage is coming to take me to the world of needy humans and their crying spawn. But at least my butt is now warmer. 

I am really hoping to have some time to sit down over the weekend and write an actual blog entry. I just thought readers would enjoy my dramatic take on my bus wait.   

And also a happy birthday to an amazing man who is no longer with us.  The beer in my fridge is for you! However, I will drink it for you. Haha.  Miss you and think of you daily. 

Cheers and Stay Smiling 



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