How Far We’ve Come

Good evening everyone! It has been way too long since I have been regurgitating the word vomit, and I mean, c’mon. You miss my word vomit all over ya! Haha.

I actually have my typical Wednesday time kill between work and pool. So I’m resting my feet, kind of, and drinking a cold latte (surprisingly, still tasty cold) from the morning and thought I would gale you in the excitement that is my life *eye roll.*


I actually blame one of the girls from work. :@

So when I last left you I had been suffering from a cold. I had been to one of two weddings that I had been invited to and was questioning the sanctity of marriage. The cold is still here, but it has evolved from a terrible headache, runny nose, scratchy throat to a cough that rears its ugly head in the most inopportune times, for example, when ringing in customers at work. Unfortunately the cold was one I wanted to avoid inflicting on my extended family so I decided to stay in the City this weekend rather than making the trip to Central.

However, DumbOptimist can’t be kept down!! I will cough my way through what my body allows me. This is why I took the days I had already booked off and celebrated Pride Week here in Sin Jawns with some of the work crew. We made it to the Disney After Dark Drag Show at Velvet, St. John’s LGBT+ Night Club. It shames me to say, but it was my first full drag show!


I know I know! Awful right?

I had been to shows where drag had been performed before, but this was my first fully drag event. It was spectacular! Those drag queens were flawless; I actually need to ask them for make-up tips! A person I met years before working on a play actually was one of the performers and she was amazing! Plus the Disney theme… I mean it was perfect for my first drag event! There were performances both from classic and contemporary Disney films as well as some new and classic songs that are typically performed at drag events. I actually had no idea that Velvet actually has a monthly drag show. If you’re interested you can visit their Facebook page at the link below:

Velvet NightClub and Lounge St. John’s

It was fantastic, I even got told twice that I looked amazing. One girl even went so far as to say my ass looked nice in my dress. Obviously that compliment is greatly appreciated! 😀



I tell you, if you want a confidence boost, head to Velvet! As someone who has been with my partner for almost a decade (10 whole years in three weeks!) I thought I gave the vibe that, “she’s taken, there is no reason to hit on her.” or that I was just ugly and no one would consider me anyway. Other than that girl hitting on me I had an Asian guy (I honestly have no idea where he was from) while I was in university waiting for the bus one evening ask me for my number. And you wonder why I question optimism! Especially when it comes to my appearance. Before I was with my partner I grew up in a small town where most everyone was family, and those who weren’t, well, weren’t my type, guy or girl. So there really wasn’t much of an opportunity to flirt. I mean, if you want to call some middle school relationship between me and one of my friends in the sixth grade over the phone a relationship, he, according to the rumors, has since came out of the closet! (FINALLY!) But, alas, ego boost right there eh?

I mean, I did break out my make up for that weekend. I only break it out for meetings and special events so everyone got a great little treat!


I even posted a photo of my make up job on Instagram and got a chunk of positive feedback from my followers.It’s amazing what make up and a slight filter can do to create the illusion that I looked good! It’s also crazy how those likes actually made me feel. I felt silly for sharing the photo, mainly because I don’t want to admit that I love taking selfies (or admit that I use that word, my English degree flashing in my mind), but I also felt confidence in my appearance, which is something working at the mall I really don’t feel too often.

However, I will not start wearing make up on a daily basis for compliments. I like sleeping too much for that. Ain't Nobody

But perhaps I will consider, every once and a while, dolling myself up for mundane work shifts, just for a laugh.

Okay, so back to Pride Weekend. I also went to Frisk Fetish Night at Factory which is an annual event that Velvet throws every year around Pride. This night is a time when those can give in to whatever fetish they desire, whether it’s wearing a jockstrap, leather, or a nice strapless dress, or assless chaps or underwear, anything goes! I wore the cute strapless black dress. :). It’s a fantastic time for all kinds of people with different desires to come together and celebrate their love. I was with the work crew again. Acted as a beard for one of my friends and saved him from having to talk to a guy he wasn’t interested in. I did alright. 🙂

Then on Sunday there was the St. John’s Pride Parade that I walked in with the crew at The Outportthe publication that I work for. It was such a beautiful day for the parade and it was amazing to see the support that is out there for the LGBT+ community here in our city. There were people littering the sidewalks of Duckworth and Military Rd. as we trekked to Bannerman Park. It, again was my first Pride Parade. This was the first time I had the day off to attend, and to have the opportunity to walk in it as well was awesome. However, once we reached Military Rd. I could feel my face burning from the sun. 


Slight exaggeration, but my face was pretty burnt!

After the parade completed my boss’s mom and I went for ice cream and she gave me a ride home! How sweet was that (pun obviously intended)? Then I spent the rest of my weekend off catching up on That 70’s Show and napping.

Since Pride Week I have been back to work pretty well non-stop between working in the mall and responding to e-mails. I have the day off from the mall tomorrow so that is awesome. Just a couple of hours working with the zine tomorrow then just a doctor’s appointment and after that I have the rest of the day to do whatever. The way it’s going, I will probably end up catching Pokemon. But that’s another blog for another time.

So needless to say the last 10 days have been packed with working and Pride events! Which has been a large part of the month of July. Now I finally have a chance to catch my breath and get priorities back on track.

I also want to give a shout out to my cousin who is having a hard time. She was in a car accident over the weekend in our hometown and has some serious injuries. I won’t say more because I don’t know where truth ends and gossip begins. I haven’t had a chance to see her. When I was messaging her father he said that she can only see immediate family. She has been in my thoughts a lot since I heard about the accident and I wanted to share that with my readers. For those of you who are spiritual please keep her in your prayers. She’s had a hard go both physically and emotionally these past few months and she could use all the support that she can get. She is one person that I am truly heartbroken that we have drifted a part over these last few years. And it sickens me that it has taken this for me to reach out to her.

That is one thing that I want my readers to know. If you are able, knock those guards down and reach out to those who were special to you and make your life sparkle in your past, those who lifted you up. My cousin and I have had a lot of fun times together, between trips, me accidentally on purpose cutting her hair (haha), sleepovers, tutoring her, going to church together for that stint in time, just so much that it literally breaks my heart that it takes this for us to try to reconnect. You never know what will happen with life. Toss away those chains holding you down. Fight those arms holding you back. Embrace those you love and fight to be with them if you can. I have spent too much time choosing work or something just as superficial over my family and friends and that really is no way to live. And if they respond, that is awesome! You’ve made a re-connection. If not, at least you can say that you tried.

Well, I guess it’s time to bid you all adieu! I need to get a quick pick me up (coffee or something of that caliber, obvs.) before I head to the ol’ pool hall.

Cheers, stay smiling, and keep knocking down the walls!




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