Rain Rain, Go Away, Come Again on a Work Day!

The rain has a steady force behind it this evening. I’m having my typical Wednesday evening feed of Wendy’s before I have to go lose at pool. The way that the rain is slamming against the windows here… it’s not really inspiring me to head outside, even if where I have to go is about a two minute walk. In the past hour the rain has become much more violent compared to the casual rainfall on the walk over here from work.

“Newfoundland… if you don’t like the weather wait a minute.” – Anonymous.

Well rain, I’ve been waiting a minute and it doesn’t appear that you are about to hold up.

I’m a Newfoundlander… I have to comment about the weather or someone will think there’s something wrong with me. Haha.

cats umbrella


Anyway, enough on the sadness that the rain brings in the summertime. It has been a busy couple of days. Between working, meetings for work, and pool league I really haven’t had any time to myself since Canada Day. The time I do have to myself I typically spend playing Trivia Crack or watching That 70’s Show or both. I don’t really have much of an update.

With that said, I enjoy being busy. Since high school I have either been working and going to school or working 2+ jobs. If that all stopped now I don’t know what I would do really. When I’m home by myself on a day off, despite the big plans I make, I generally veg and nap (a nap would be really nice right now actually). Once I actually catch up on my exhaustion I think I would go crazy being with myself all of the time.

Gosh, the rain seems to be getting worse and worse the longer I sit here. I guess it’s time to get ready to head to get my butt kicked at some pool. This is where I bid you adieu.

Cheers and Stay Smiling!



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