Thank You for Stepping Up!

Forgive me readers, for I have slacked. It has been almost two weeks since my last entry! I KNOW! Two whole weeks without sharing the word vomit that fills my brain on a daily basis! It has been such a blur. Working all of this time and trying to have a life has made the time blend together into something almost unrecognizable. I know I know, you missed me! HAHA.

I don’t have much of an update for you readers. I worked lots. I had some time to spend with my nephew and boyfriend, which I did happily. I finally finished The Shining. Today the weather was actually nice enough to head down to Bannerman Park and read. I started Vol. 2 of Suicide Squad. Sat down on a bench under some shady trees. It was so nice. However, being as pale as I am, I didn’t want to over do the fun in the sun.So I finished my bender of watching Fuller House.


Experimenting with Instagram in Bannerman Park!

Obviously once I came home I had to give my father a phone call to wish him a happy Father’s Day. As a fisherman, my dad wasn’t home often during the month of June to even celebrate Father’s Day. Thinking that this year would follow suit I called home expecting voicemail. However, he was home and answered the phone.

I was always Daddy’s girl. Perhaps it was because my father was away for the majority of the year, but I always wanted to be with my father. The time we have had the opportunity to spend together over the years have always meant the world to me. Time with him always felt precious. Of course, I love my mother, and she spent her time cleaning, doing chores, keeping house. Things I never could relate to. She never seemed to share my interests. My father and I enjoy reading and movies. Books and films I would read it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for my dad to pick them up after I completed them and view them himself. My dad would watch movies with me, something my mother would seldom do.


I always stepped on my dad’s toes like this as a child. 

Both of my parents have shown me more love than I could never fathom. When push comes to shove, they are here for me whenever I need them. I know at the end of the day they want what they feel is best for me. There is never any doubt of that. Despite whether or not what I feel is  best for me correlates to what they expect is best for me, they want me to be comfortable and happy.

Knowing those around me, I am blessed to have a mother and father in my life watching out for me. Many people in my life are not as lucky. There are single parents who have taken on raising their children alone, those who have stepped up to be that parent figure for the children in my life, those who have adopted children to raise as their own. Siblings who have stepped up to be that parent role model. Grandparents who have taken in their grand-kids and raised them when their own parents were unavailable for some reason beyond their control. Aunts and Uncles who stepped up to take care of their nieces and nephews. Those people also deserve a shout out today. There are so many different definitions of families and what constitutes a family in someone’s eyes. Those people have helped raise some of the most important people in my life.

Father's Day

Today I wish to celebrate anyone who has taken on that parental role, whether blood related or not, to enrich and guide the children in their lives. You are the people that have taught these kids the values and morals they possess. Without you they would be a little emptier and knowing your love has given them more than you will ever know.

And also a shout out to the moms and dads of pets. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted me to get him something from me and the cat for Father’s Day. He said no…. until today when he jokingly asked where his Father’s Day gift! HAHA.
pet parents
So now I must bid you adieu! Cheers, stay smiling, and show that parent figure in your life that you love them today!



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