Boys Don’t Cry from “Freud & Fashion?”

One of the amazing blogs that I have come across during my own personal blogging experience is Freud & Fashion. The blogger shares a piece from a man who has suffered from depression since his adolescence.  I am happy that the stigma is starting to burn out for men talking about their depression and anxiety.  But it is still there. But while we have Mr. Brea and those like Dave Sullivan, who I had the pleasure to meet a couple of months ago, opening themselves up, hopefully it inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

You can read more of Dave Sullivan’s blog at There will also be links below to Richard Brea’s piece on the Freud & Fashion blog.

As we approach the final days of Mental Health Month, one of the best ways to highlight this month’s theme – Life with a Mental Illness – is to feature inspiring individuals who a…

Source: Boys Don’t Cry