My Life, My Terms

Happy Mother’s Day out there to all the fine mamas and mother figures out there! I’m here at the 2nd cup battling the humidity with a frappe on my lunch break. I brought the baby lappytop, as I refer to my super cute mini HP laptop, with me to catch up on some blogging.


Obviously, Samuel L. Jackson wishing a Happy Mother’s Day is intense! 

I have been working a lot over the past week or so and finding the time to sit down and write has been tough. On free time I have been sending e-mails for work or I just want to veg out with Candy Crush. I have been reading Stephen King’s The Shining, which has been on my book bucket list for quite some time and I have been pressured into it by some coworkers. I didn’t watch the movie but I know the gist of the plot. I feel that pop culture in itself has made it tough to be surprised by a classic novel. With parodies from Family Guy and The Simpsons, it’s main plot has been exposed. However, this time last year I read Stephen King’s Misery, which, despite the Family Guy parody, was still quite a chilling read. I also have been enjoying The Shining as well.

You remember how in my last blog I was talking about trying to do more for me? Well… reading has always been something I thoroughly enjoy that I have been neglecting. I have went to Afterwords, the 2nd hand book store on Duckworth St., and picked up a half dozen books and they are now collecting dust on my shelves. Time to blow the dust off em and crack em open! Especially now that summer, well, warm foggy weather, is on the horizon! Hahaha.

So this evening I have big plans of a dance party! By that, I mean after work I am going to go home, toss on some tunes really loud and do some chores! I KNOW RIGHT!? I do them on my terms. Which means loud music, belting out songs and having a fun evening torturing my kitty with my singing voice! Haha. I am actually stoked for my evening.

But, alas, I must be getting back to the madhouse that is work…

Cheers and Stay Smiling Peeps!




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