Unscrewing the Cap

So folks. We have reached another evening. It has been a couple of days since my last entry that wasn't boasting about The Seeds 4 Life. I just have been finding that blog very uplifting and I hope that you, the readers, are enjoying them too. Again, the website for them is http://www.theseeds4life.com. They have … Continue reading Unscrewing the Cap


Another little seed

http://www.theseeds4life.com/twenty-years-now-will-disappointed-things-didnt-ones-throw-off-bowlines-sail-away-harbor-catch-trade-wind-sa#more-3883 Another amazing blog entry atThe Seeds 4 Life.  This website has been exploding with amazing blogs lately that really have been speaking to me.  I hope they have been speaking to you as well. I hopefully will find time to actually write a blog in the next day or so.  It's just been a … Continue reading Another little seed

Boys Don’t Cry from “Freud & Fashion?”

One of the amazing blogs that I have come across during my own personal blogging experience is Freud & Fashion. The blogger shares a piece from a man who has suffered from depression since his adolescence.  I am happy that the stigma is starting to burn out for men talking about their depression and anxiety.  But it … Continue reading Boys Don’t Cry from “Freud & Fashion?”

“Everybody’s Got A Story That Will Break Your Heart”

Some old school Amanda Marshall there for you guys who are nostalgic for the 2000s pop rock! But, she's right. Everyone is the hub of what's around them. Everyone experiences the good and the bad. Really, what makes a person is how they channel what they learn from these experiences. So, readers, the clothing store … Continue reading “Everybody’s Got A Story That Will Break Your Heart”


Happy Tuesday folks! Just have a few minutes for work starts and I decided to type a quick entry up before the madness begins. I am armed with a frappe and I am hoping the coffee does the trick and wakes me up! My dance party turned into a laundry fest mixed with Grey's Anatomy catch … Continue reading Do YOU!