Snow Day = Day of Catch-Up

Good evening. It is soon time to get some shut eye, however I wanted to just make a quick note before I hit the hay!

It has been a day filled with catching up on the PVR and deleting old e-mails that have accumulated in my inbox from Groupon, LaSenza, and Pinterest!


I mean…Ryan obviously makes browsing the junk mail easier! 😉

It was nice to get a snow day. I even ventured out into the blustery winds to reach the bus stop only to have them update at THAT particular moment that the buses were being taken off the roads. And in a matter of two minutes work was calling to say that the mall was closing. So I came home, hid under blankets, and continued what I had attempted to do all day, delete e-mails. 🙂

Tomorrow is another day I don’t actually have to go to the mall! :). I will be working from home on the zine, then spending the afternoon with the boyfriend and heading to pool tomorrow night. The weather had put a damper on the pool playing this evening, so tomorrow hopefully it will be better weather.

I know my blogs have consisted mainly of me speaking out about my depression rather than health and fitness as I had previously intended. However, my mental health has been on my mind recently. I want to say that it’s hard to find the time to gather ingredients for recipes or to go to the gym. In reality, it’s not the honest truth. I could easily find a quick recipe, head to the grocery store and pick up the ingredients and create the recipe. Or I could wake up a couple of hours earlier and head to the gym or even walk to work.

But, alas, what I have to work on is turning those inner plans and ideas into motivations to actually go out there and knock these tasks off of my inner checklist. Sometimes the motivation I find to go to the bathroom is that I’m about to pee my pants.

sad truth

Finding motivation. This blog keeps me motivated to continue to write about my journey. I am actually seeing views and visits, likes and the scattered comment. People are out there liking what I have to say. This is holding me accountable for following up and keeping my readers informed of the progress I have made and have to continue to make.

I think that will be the main focus of my next couple of blogs, finding motivation and once it is found, how to keep up the momentum. And of course, I will continue to keep you updated on my South Park binge (I am now on season 14! Awful right?) and the other escapades of what I have been up to.

Alright folks, I must bid you adieu before my partner wonders if I fell asleep on the couch.

Cheers! And Stay Smiling!



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