Fire and Ice

I have grown cold in this existence
My bones have become brittle
My muscles have become stiff
My blood has grown thick
The idea of my feet hitting the floor;
My feet having to support my weight
Knowing what the day will bring
Brings me pain that is indescribable
My soul seems to have escaped my body
And I am watching myself below
Going through the motions
Saddened by what I see
I hear myself screaming at me to wake up
The voice of who I want to be echoes through this prison I have built
But reality sets in and I grow deaf to those screams
And I continue to be frozen in this existence.
Others have tried to penetrate this prison
And at times I feel as though they have broken through
For a slight moment in time I am free
Then I become cold again
My soul will continue to search for fire
It will find a way to burn down these walls
It will allow me to experience what I want
This is the hope I hold onto.



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