Happy Friday!

The sun is shining.  The snow is leaving. I’m wearing a cute hat my friend made me because she loves me. Haha.  And the cherry on top: I did not have to go to the mall today! Woot Woot! All in all, a good Friday indeed.  I am killing time in the downtown area before I go to the BlogJam information session. Had a feed of Relish, another spoil for the week.


So an official update on the week so far:

-There was way too much of the mall in it. 
– I went up in rank in pool, I also won my match on Wednesday
– I actually went to the gym on Wednesday.  I did a really quick ride on an exercise bike and went through the weight machines. 
– I have had way too much restaurant food this week! And now I’m adding to the madness! I may actually go to the grocery store after the BlogJam information session just to have some cupboard options next week. 
– On season eleven of South Park now.

That’s about it really. Worked with the magazine today and now just taking it easy and finishing my soda. 


However, once I get time, I want to start a two parter blog piece on how to 1)talk with people when you have depression, anxiety, of any other common mental illness. And 2) how to talk to somewhere who has a mental illness. I touched on it a little in my last blog entry, but I feel that there is a disconnect that happens that I want to explore.  Obviously,  I am not a professional,  but as someone who has been dealing with depression ever since I can remember, I can say what works and doesn’t work for me and hope it will help a person out. 

Well, that’s pretty well it for this dumb optimist.  Haha. I bid you adieu. 

Cheers and keep smiling.



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