The Escapades of DumbOptimist

Greetings! I am enjoying a delicious latte from Second Cup and tapping into the Wifi that they have to offer. My last entry was a poem that I had written. As I have said, water themes have really been playing a huge role in my mind lately. For months actually. Perhaps I will delve into the water themes at a later time. For now I shall update you on my escapades.

It has been warm the last couple of days so I had been wearing my rain jacket rather than my insulated winter jacket. Needless to say I had left my keys in my rain jacket when I grabbed the warmer coat this morning. I didn’t realize it after I came out of my session this morning and now I am locked out of my house.

lolcat forgetful

However, DumbOptimist is trying to make the best out of situations nowadays. Haha. With so many wonderful restaurants in the downtown area of Sin Jawns, I ended up having a great breakfast at the Bagel Cafe! It’s one of my favorite places to have breakfast in the downtown area and they make a mean steak and eggs! So why not treat myself from time to time? It has been months since I have eaten there and I really wanted breakfast. So I walked from the hospital down to the Bagel Cafe in this horrible wind. Then I left that and went for a latte.

It was a busy week. With my parents in town last week  my time consisted of working and spending time with them. I also had the chance to see Rock of Ages at the ACC with my big sister. I also officially wrote my first article for the magazine I work for! It is going through the editing process now but hopefully by the end of the week it will be posted online! And last night I was out to supper with my cousins who I haven’t spent much time with. It has been a good few days.

So new work week has begun. It’s really just hitting the shifts out of the park now. I’ll be at the mall for the majority of the week so I’m taking this time to enjoy myself. My latte, my laptop, and making fun of my escapades. I am super excited to attend a information session regarding BlogJam on Friday, which is a Blogging Convention that takes place in Halifax. Whether or not I will have the opportunity to attend the convention in Hali is another story, but the opportunity to meet other local bloggers would be fantastic!

Now, that is my week and what I am excited about this week! I’m also hoping to get a few gym visits in this week (All this optimism…. isn’t it dumb? haha).

I have another blog idea I would like to complete, however this currently isn’t the time, so I will have to do that at another date. It’s really just an overview of some things I have been discussing with my new counselor that I feel can help those out there who are dealing with procrastination, anxiety, and depression in the same vein that I am. So stay tuned! I will keep you updated on whether or not I actually make it to the gym or not! Haha!

Now I must bid you adieu! Stay smiling!




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