Drifting Away

Okay. So I am feeling antsy tonight. I even cleaned out my purse just to keep my hands busy. Not that there was much more than receipts inside, but now my purse is pretty clean. Haha.

I just want to write a prose of what is bouncing around in my head. It’s been a while since I have shared any poetry with anyone publicly, however, it’s been a while since I have written poetry.

So… here it goes.

The water is in control
As I float on its surface.
The silence as my ears fall under is soothing.
The sun is hot upon my skin
But the wind makes the water warmer

Under the water it’s quiet
Under the water it’s peaceful.
I don’t have to hear the cries
I don’t have to see the tears
Under the water feels safe
Despite the creatures that lurk below

As the wind picks up, the water becomes rough
It is harder to float now
My body begins to drift out of my control
The water is no longer safe
The water becomes a death trap
Now I have to kick my my feet
And fight to stay above.

Sometimes I question why bother kicking?
Why bother fighting?
Perhaps under the water is where I belong.
The fight or flight response kicks in
And I begin to kick.

I fight what has given me so much
I kick what has helped calm me
I need to beat the water
No matter how comfortable it has made me become
The water has been my refuge
But now the water is pulling me down
Now it’s time to swim
And get back to shore.



Water and nautical metaphors have been in my head for months now. Perhaps it’s the Newf in me, but I can’t get these ideas out. Perhaps there will be a story in them someday. But for now, there is work and naps and chores to worry about.

Enjoy the word vomit but it is time to bid you adieu! Cheers From your one and only



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