What does Mr. Hat, Big Gay Al, and Terrance and Phillip have in common?

They are South Park characters of course!

Tonight has been a binge of watching South Park. Why South Park you may ask? Well, it’s a show that is completely ridiculous that it’s a great distraction from what is around me. Besides for all the fucked up jokes, there is some smart humor in there as well that I enjoy. It really doesn’t require a lot of concentration to appreciate it, which I think because my brain is constantly in overdrive is a good thing.


Apparently my boyfriend’s mother is enjoying reading these pathetic word vomit excuses of blog entries. So I must continue to write at least something every couple of days because I at least have one person reading. Haha.

Today was another day spent at the mall. Except I worked my other part-time retail job today instead of the full-time retail job. Man are you jealous of my life right now? Two retail jobs and another sales job? I actually didn’t find it too bad today. I guess where I’m only at the part-time job on a very casual basis it doesn’t really hit me in the feels as the full-time position does. It was a bit of a change up from the other things. It was only a short shift so I had the time to come home and hang out with my super awesome nephew. Who accidentally fractured his wrist on Thursday in gym class! I KNOW! He has inherited the clumsy gene! Gosh I fell on ice ever so graciously the other day in front of a cab driver I called to give me a ride to work. Luckily I made jokes about it and went on with the day and I didn’t hurt myself.


Ouch right?


Ok peeps, lets be honest. I am filling this with photos and gifs to make it appear that I have typed more than I have. Haha. I don’t really have anything else to report. My dad is heading into Sin Jawns tomorrow! It’ll be nice to see him. 🙂

As for that, I will bid you adieu for this night. I’m hoping to actually head to the gym before going to work tomorrow. It will be nice to get back to it! 🙂 I will update you on my shenanigans later!



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