So spacey

On my lunch at the ol mall once again.  Spicy chicken sub day at Mr. Sub.  It’s been less than stellar at the mall today.

I want to write today, but words are not forming easily. Deadpool was AMAZING!  Was super stoked to see it. It was everything I expected and more.  I do not want to spoil anything.  But it was very well done and I am looking forward to more from Mr. Pool. Haha.

The last couple of days I have been feeling really spacey. As though I can just stare into space and time can slip by before I even realize what has happened. It’s happening now on my break and I only have 15 mins left! It shouldn’t take 45 mins to eat a 6″ sub. But it did. I actually finished the sub now though.  I’m gonna leave the chips for later. 

Other than that there has been little excitement.  I’m thinking I’m gonna leave off here. Use the last 10 minutes to head to do the errands I have been putting off. Haha.

Time to bid adieu!



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