It’s Been One Week…

Approximately one week. A day off of a full week. Haha.

Once I left Marble Mountain I ended up in the land of no WiFi, my hometown.


Because of the lack of WiFi, I limited my data usage to mainly keeping in touch with work e-mails for the magazine. Other than that the couple of days spent in my hometown included doing lots and lots of nothing. I vegged out, visited my grandmother, watched tons of TV with the old man, visited my grandmother again, played a lot of card games on the laptop (which could be fully to blame for my wrist hurting the last couple of days. I think it was the way I was laying on it Thursday night, but my boyfriend argues it was the card game playing).

I actually had the opportunity to actually write down some thoughts I had over the past few days. spongebob

I wrote a few lines about driving through the hometown. I want to proof it before I share it with everyone. I noticed when we were driving down to my grandmother’s house how it seemed darker; many of the homes that would be full of lights when I was growing up are now black and left deserted. No one lives in them anymore. It even seems as though there aren’t as many street lights on anymore. It’s really one of the big things I noticed. It’s heartbreaking. It really hits home how even in a year or two how things can change. Even my parents; being in Newfoundland, it’s popular for the parents around the bay to have “sheds”, which my dad has been working on as his pet project during the months he isn’t working. And my mother has painted the walls on the main floor of the house, along with having a new clothes line bridge built since I visited last.

I am happy I had the chance to visit with my parents even for a couple of days. I also had the chance to see an old co-worker of mine when I went to visit one of the malls closer to my hometown. And I visited my two uncles who are in poor health while I had the chance as well.

The ride back was filled with the excitement that DRL has to offer.

PaulWell, we had the opportunity to watch Home Alone 2, because the boyfriend didn’t toss it on enough during Christmas.

New York

The boyfriend was excited.

By the time we headed back into town and realized we had no time to get to a grocery store, we ordered pizza!

As for the next day, that procrastination I was discussing in a previous entry, I tried to combat it as much as I could. I finally cleaned out my closet in our bedroom yesterday and I have a small bag of clothes I am never going to wear again. I have absolutely no idea how I wore low rise jeans during my university years.


My booty cannot handle low rise jeans anymore. I have five or six pairs if anyone wants em! Haha. Perhaps I just didn’t care in my teenage years about the excess love handles!

I rearranged some things around the closet and I do have to say it is nice to get rid of some of the things I have been hoarding for some time. Cleaning my closet has been something I have been procrastinating for MONTHS! So I am happy I finally got around to it. There is more of this house gutting to go; I’m just hoping I find the time.

And today was my first day back to work since I took my vacation. It was cut short due to the weather. A nine hour shift turned into a 4.5 hour shift fairly quickly. So I don’t have to head back in until 1PM Monday. The nephew has been with me all weekend so I get to spend some more of the evening with him than I anticipated! I am happy about that.

I have to admit, I was dreading heading back into work today. It’s weird. I always dread going to work but once I get there I almost slip into a different state of mind. Perhaps it is my way of dealing with it subconsciously, but I know deep down that there is no point to be down about the situations, but rather embrace it, use it as a stepping stone to move into where I want to be. Perhaps my path is slower than others, but even on a small scale I feel that there is progress.

Okay, as I said in previous entries, this week has been written off as what happens on vacation stays on vacation, i.e., my terrible eating/lack of exercising. Tomorrow it’s time to get back to it. Restarting the crunch challenge tomorrow.

Now that I have a couple of people who are following me that are food bloggers, I reach out to you. Is there any great meal prep guides that you have found helpful in planning meals? I am mainly looking for quick meal ideas that can be refrigerated or heated up in a microwave. If there is anything you think will be helpful please do not hesitate to share!

Alrighty then, I’m thinking I’m out for the evening! This I feel is probably one of my longest blogs to date. I apologize for the word vomit, but the pics are super cute (which I have no claim to whatsoever. They are the property of the sites where I saved them. This is my disclaimer!)
So, I bid you adieu!



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