Snow and Rum

Due to the smack I took to my tail bone on Friday,  I have refrained from tasks that would make it worse, such as more snowboarding, or zip lining. :(. So I’m hanging out in the lodge, drinking my Rum, and enjoying the view. 


The boyfriend is out enjoying the snowboard again today.  So I thought while I have this time, I’d catch up with the goings on with me. 

Last night we had our pub night at the Backlot at Grenfell campus.  A few of the people that were a part of the winter pride weekend came out.  We had some live music and a couple of drinks.  Met up with a girl I use to work with.  It was really nice to catch up. 

This morning there was a breakfast for the attendees of the Winter Pride event.  Great food and another way to mingle.  A few people showed up, but I’m sure some were recovering from the night before,  or just wanted to spend time with their family or friends.

Now we only have one more night left before we head back over the highway.  It has been a great weekend and I know that we (my other half and I) needed a week away from work.  The week has been going way too fast. With that said, it’s going to be nice to hopefully see the family tomorrow. With weather cooperating of course. It’s not much fun when you have to be dependent on good weather conditions to see your parents. 

Well I guess I should go check on my other half and make sure he hasn’t broken anything. 



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