The Things I Thought I Would Never Do

It’s day three here at Marble Mountain ski resort for the Winter Pride Weekend! I think for the first time, and for such short notice, the weekend has been going really well. Over the past couple of days I really have been trying to embrace the weekend and taking advantage of the amazing opportunities that Marble has to offer.tumblr_mr350vd1QO1se31iuo1_500

When I say there has been things I thought I would never do… I mean things that I am surprised that I am actually doing here. For example, the boyfriend and I tried snowboarding yesterday! The majority of MY time was spent sitting on the bunny slope trying to get up on my feet. At one point I took a hard smack on my tail bone and it has been hurting since. So that has put a damper on me trying any other winter activities. However, tomorrow is another day.


I also tried Iceberg beer for the first time last night. It was a bonus for the social event that we teamed up with Marble for. For those who know me personally, you know I am not a beer drinker whatsoever. However, gotta say, it wasn’t too bad. And I have also been drinking coffee. Just coffee. Not really a fan. I am really missing my marble mocha latte from Second Cup right now (which, according to boyfriend, is ironic that I can’t get it anywhere near Marble Mountain).

Let’s just say for this weekend it has been tough to eat healthy. The lodge doesn’t really have a lot of healthy choices to take advantage from. And to be completely honest, we haven’t been trying too hard to pick the healthy options on the menus of the joints we have went to eat. But hey, it’s our vacation! We have lots of time to plan out the healthy eating once we get back to reality. We also went to see Dirty Grandpa today while we had some down time. Had some funny moments, but De Niro won’t be winning any Oscars for this one. Haha.


Now we’re back at the chalets relaxing before we head to the pub night that’s planned at the Backlot at SWGC. I would love to see some people I know from the Corner Brook area tonight. If not, we still have a full day left tomorrow before we head back east on Monday. Hopefully, weather cooperating, we will get to pop into Green Bay and visit the family for a couple of days on the way back.

Well that’s an update on what’s happening her with me on the West Coast this weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t take my USB cord for my camera, nor did I realize my new laptop isn’t compatible with larger SD cards, only micros, and my SD card for my camera is a bigger one. So I won’t be able to post photos until I get back to St. John’s.58819189

I’m calling it a night! Cheers folks!



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