No Pain, No Gain

At the end of another day. Today consisted of work, working out, and fighting sleep. I really want to go to bed now, but it’s still a little too early.

I spent the day at the mall between working and the gym. I got my work out on and used the elliptical for half an hour and then did the usual machines that I typically do. I’m working up to where I was last summer before the patella on my knee loosened. I’m trying to work out through the pain this time. Between my knee and the pain I feel in my feet because I have plantar fasciitis I question if working out really will be making it worse.

However, half of the reason my patella has become loose, according to the doctor, is because my quads has lost a fair bit of muscle that need to be built back up again. Obviously, exercise is the way to go with that. My feet? I think they’re a lost cause regardless. My heels are always in pain, especially this time of year when they have to be encased in boots. I did find that when I worked out last year my feet were tolerable rather than agony all of the days. So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that history repeats itself.

That’s really my main focus with all of this. I just want to feel healthier and happier in my own skin. I’m doing whatever I can that can help relieve these symptoms.

For now though, I’m thinking a nice long bath will do nicely for the time being. Time to bid you adieu.



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