Procrastination Domination

Happy Friday folks! As I am enjoying this soup and sandwich in the pesky food court of the Avalon Mall I watch as the visibility through the window grows dim.  I think of all of the napping I could be doing right now! Haha. I also think of the chores that desperately could be done at home.

I perhaps am bias because of my time I spend in the mall per week, but why on earth would a person want to come to the mall on a horrible day like this! I actually would love to be home doing laundry right now.  It looks like it would make an amazing cuddling with my kitty under the blankies watching Rom Coms kind of evening!

That is my theory of why I procrastinate.  I spend so much time away from the house that when I get that time I just want to veg. Watch a show I want to catch up on, nap… Mostly nap.  I am always so tired I can hardly function. 

I have been looking into physiological reasons that I may be so tired. Bloodwork shows nothing.  I typically get tons of sleep (the boyfriend would argue too much sleep) and it feels as if I had none at all.

The crew at work says I should take vitamin D to see if that helps.  I am also trying to change my eating habits to see if that helps. (Queue the soup and sandwich!)

I know that it is exhausting mentally putting my strength into my work, especially when it’s something I am not overly passionate about.  To get the energy to even go out the door to head to the mall takes it’s toll.

But I’m doing it.  I can’t imagine being a person who has to call in sick to work because of their anxiety or depression. I definitely understand. There’s been days I just want to sit home and cry rather than come in here. To me though,  that’s one hardwired belief that I actually got right. That I have to put those feelings on hold and put a smile on my face.  I could have it a lot worse.  I have come to care about my co-workers dearly, it’s fun sometimes to see what I can talk people into buying. Haha. When it comes to the magazine, I am blessed to have the opportunities that has opened for me. 

So, I suck it up and plaster a smile on my face.  I go to work and do what I can.  I just wish I could apply the same attitude at home. 

Procrastination has definitely been my arch nemesis. I am trying tricks to help combat it.  I have made daily checklists that fall short. So now I am trying a weekly checklist.  Not as strict as the Daily, but still has what I hope to accomplish. 

Well, time to bid adieu. Cheers!


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