Fight The Stigma!


Scaredy squirrel is my spirit animal today.  I have officially opened up to the Facebook world and shared the website for the ol’ blog here. It’s scary but liberating at the same time.  #BellLetsTalk has been exploding across Twitter and Facebook and this is my way of talking about what is going on with me personally.  But as I wrote in my post, the “friends” I have on Facebook are my family and people I have come to care about. It is their choice to read or not to read the blog. This blog at the end of the day is really for me.  It helps document my triumphs and vent about the downfalls.  Some days it will be funny… Me whining about my joints aching after bodycombat (I actually went yesterday!  More on that later), discussing sleep and my apparent lack of sleep, whining about work, etc.  But sometimes it will be personal feelings that I can only write because speech for me doesn’t do it justice.  Do I want my family and friends to know my inner monologue, well no.  But I do want them to know that I am here. I am trying. I am going through this. If they are struggling with similar situations I want them to know they can lean on me.  They can see what I have tried and what has worked or hasn’t worked. 

At the end of the day there will be things on here that are somewhat personal. But as Dr. Seuss says, who minds does not matter and who matters does not mind.

So to those who read this for gossip. There will be none. I am talking about myself, my feelings, my achievments, and my sorrow. I will not pussyfoot around because of what others will say. I really do not care. If you’re interested because you truly care, thank you for your support and encouragement.  If you are reading just to be nosy, sorry for you. My life isn’t all that exciting. 

Now that rant is over, back to the bodycombat class last night!  Second one of the year! I actually feel pretty good today.  Death did not become me as predicted! Haha.  There are a lot more people this season then when I went last year.  So much so that the mirrors actually started to fog up it was so warm.

After I went home and had a nice long bath. I think it was the hot water that really seemed to soothe the joints. 

I seriously plotted to go to the gym today for just a regular workout but I didn’t have enough time this morning to get workout clothes prepared.  But I had a nice grilled chicken pita for lunch and now I’m killing time until I have to go across the road to play pool.  Might eat more food er something. Haha.

Well I have nothing else to report.  Time to end the blog entry here.



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