The post work out burn!

I’m out with the pool team tonight. Pretty relaxing since we have our provincial spot already. So I figured it would be a great time to catch up on the events that have passed since Monday. 

I actually had the time after work last night to go to the bodycombat class at Goodlife Fitness. It was my first time in six months. My schedule to this point has conflicted.  So now I am putting my foot down and just making the time. 60 mins of choreographed moves inspired by martial arts and Boxing to to get the blood pumping.  I actually love it. 

Today, however, I am feeling the aforementioned burn of doing something yesterday.  Pool tonight is brutal because it hurts to bend certain ways. Haha. But it’s a good burn. An “I actually did something yesterday to better myself” burn. 
My shoulder blades and my glutes kill today. But that means muscles I haven’t used in a long, LONG time has been activated. 

I’m hoping my schedule keeps working out for me that I can continue to do the class on Tuesday nights at least. 


As for the food aspects, I’m working on it.  I just haven’t been feeling hungry really.  Guess that is a good complaint?  Hard to say really. 

Well that’s the update so far.  I really enjoy writing. And it helps that my phone is a fan of auto correct.  Haha.

Well if you have the opportunity I would definitely suggest searching up a bodycombat class in your area.  Or you can even find old releases on YouTube if you would like to try a fun, new way to work out.  I would do them at home if I had a room big enough that I could actually move around.

Alrighty then. Time to bid you adieu. 



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