Went to the gym tonight :)

Alrighty then! Actually made it to the gym after work tonight! First time since, well, the last Sunday I went to the gym.  :(.  Once a week really doesn’t cut it.  That’s why I am really trying to incorporate other exercises into my routine. For example, the 30 day crunch challenge that I am failing to keep up with!

But, I know the scale doesn’t really make any difference but apparently I have actually lost a couple of pounds!! For me, seeing the little improvements really is an enticement to keep up with the healthier eating.

I am typing this as I am on my way home from the gym on the bus. And as I type my phone auto corrects words that link to Harry Potter.  For example,  Slytherins, house-elf,  and Ministry.  haha! Perhaps my phone is missing Alan Rickman as well. 😥 


So now I plan to head home, grab something quick. And in the meantime,  the tragically hip will keep me company.

Until next time,  I bid you adieu!



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