All work and no play…

On the bus on the way to the workplace.  I would have blogged yesterday but I had both of my jobs yesterday and really lost the chance to focus on it.

So today instead of falling asleep on the bus I will gale you in the tales of today.

I weighed myself at the gym on Sunday.  It really was disheartening to realize that I am officially starting back at square one. The weight I lost last year is back with a vengeance.

I’m not going to make this blog about sizes and weight. I am not a calorie counter nor do I plan to become one. I just want to eat healthy and become more active more than anything else. If the weight goes with it that is definitely an added bonus.

It really comes back to the comments I made in my first blog about countless people over the years who, in retail and customer service industry, can be a little ignorant and just exclaim whatever comes to them.  I’ve been asked a few times throughout the years how far along I am or when I’m due.  Newsflash to those ignorant Jerks, I am not pregnant! I have never been pregnant!  I love food and am not ashamed of it.

So I have explained my woes to my other half in the past. And this morning I grabbed a shirt out of the drawer that I haven’t worn in a while to wear with leggings (they are the only thing I have right now that doesn’t have holes eroded in the crotch) and he looks at me and says the last time you wore that you complained that people said things to you.

Firstly, complained is a strong word. Vented better.

Secondly, gggrrrrrr!

Fuck that.  They can say what they want. It feels like a knife stabbing you.  Especially when they don’t know my past.

Anyway. Time to face the music.


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