First Gym Visit of 2016

Today was fairly stressful at the ol’ workplace. I was feeling super tired after the shift was over, however, I had my workout clothes with me so there was no excuse. I went to the gym for an hour.

I ended up doing a quick run/walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. At Goodlife they have the 20-min fix it workout, so I quickly went through those machines. The last stint of my gym attendance last year I lost weight pretty quickly doing the machines/cardio. However, I plateaued pretty quickly.

This time around, I decided to do the cardio+weight machines first just to ease my body back into it. I’m hoping to incorporate some of the fitness classes that Goodlife has to offer as well. It’s just hard to find the time.

In the meantime, I do walk back and forth to work at my job downtown, so it is a little bit more exercise.

But I have to admit, once I put a step on that treadmill and started to jog, all my brain was focusing on was keeping time on that treadmill. I pretty much did a speedwalk for 2 mins and jogged for 1. I was never the athletic type so it’s really something I have to build my body up for. It really helped take down some of the anxiety I was feeling about my day at work. It was great to have that release, rather than letting it bottle up like I have been.

So obviously, getting back to the gym is the first step for me. Now I have to keep it up and work on getting some healthy food in the fridge. It’s really just going to be a slow process to build this up.

I am very excited that this time around that my other half is being supportive with eating healthier as well. It wasn’t the support that I had the last time around, so now that he is doing this with me it gives me more momentum to keep this up. And with my followers watching, I can’t let ya’ll down!

Now I’m callin’ this a night. I will keep up with my gym/food escapades as the excitement comes up!



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