Happy Sunday


I have my workout clothes packed today.  This is the day I start going back to the gym. 


I have butterflies about the whole ordeal.  It’s almost like meeting up with an old ex.  You don’t know if you will like it. You don’t want to be intimidated by it. And heaven forbid you make a fool out of yourself. You have to show that you are strong otherwise the ordeal will crush you. 

But I am excited to see my old friend the elliptical. And possibly I will visit with the treadmill.  It really has been too long. I just have to make it through this day at work first.  And I am already falling asleep.  😦

No procrastinating this time.  Trying to give that up. This is my time to build myself up and get excited about life now.  My life is what I make it.  Now is the time to make these changes! 

So now I must bid adieu.  Soon reaching the mall.  Time to get this day through.  

Cheers and wish you well. 


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