The plans had changed…

Instead of fireworks gazing we ended up spending New Years with a good friend of mine playing Cards Against Humanity.


So we rang in the new year creating ad-libs  of disgusting, perverted, racist proportions. This is just a photo I found on the internet though just to show an example of what types of cards were being played at last night’s festivities. We came home around 3am, because we waited a while for a cab to pick us up. I understood that it was NYE and that cabs may have been very busy last night picking up the alcohol induced impaired folk, however, boyfriend was not as understanding.

So today we slept in, had scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast and contemplating what we will be doing to celebrate for the rest of the day. Our friends who we were planning on going to see The Hateful Eight can’t go with us, so we’re thinking of postponing the viewing. However, not for too long I hope. I have missed too many films because I haven’t had time to go see them.

The actual healthier eating and exercise for me will not be in full swing until next week. It’s still the holidays!  Hahaha!

One of the big resolutions that I am trying to keep is stop procrastinating as much. For example, procrastinating this healthy eating. Haha. Sunday it goes into effect whether I like it or not. I may even take my gym bag depending on what my work schedule is for next week if it means I can get a work out in. I actually really miss the gym and am excited to be motivating myself to go back.

This is where I bid adieu. Questioning whether or not I want to go back to sleep now.




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