Tarantino Marathon

The boyfriend and I have been working through the directed works of Quentin Tarantino in anticipation for The Hateful Eight. We actually found some footage on YouTube of My Best Friend’s Birthday that the boyfriend and I watched.

I fell asleep to Reservoir Dogs because I am always so sleepy, and now we are working through Pulp Fiction.


Once that is over I’m guessing we will be heading down to Quidi Vidi Lake for NYE fireworks. Sin Jawns is the first place in North America to reach midnight dontcha know?

We have been eating all of the leftover junk from Christmas today since starting tomorrow we are planning on cutting a lot of the junk out of our diets. The only thing is now I am craving a meal more so than just snacks foods.

On a different note, I can hear fireworks being set off around our house here now. Futurama-Fry

I hope that I can get some great footage of the fireworks (if we do indeed decide to walk down to the lake) so I can share them tomorrow. New years day and all, the beginning. Next week I will be starting the gym again. I’m actually excited!

As for this week, between the Tarantino marathon and NYE celebrations, I’m pretty well spent. So I’m going to head off and finish up this movie and celebrate this new years with my partner in crime, the boyfriend.

Cheers, and have a safe and happy new year!



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