Only a day in…

I am thrilled that only a day in of posting I already have two likes!!! Needless to say that I was not thinking anyone would want to follow this blog.

I still have three days before I officially start this “diet.” I place this word in quotations because I am not following a particular diet. I’m just trying to eat healthier and trying to exercise more. However, I plan to fill this blog with exercises and recipes that work for me and things that really don’t but perhaps can work for my readers. Also, things I do to help combat my anxiety and depression and what motivates me that may help others.

Obviously I am no expert, I am just trying to live a healthier lifestyle one day at a time. I am trying to take my experiences and help others who may need it.

I’m just really sick of ignorant people asking me how far along I am or exclaiming loudly that the pregnant lady helped them at work when I am not with child. I am tired of feeling sleepy all of the time and having no motivation to do anything. I am hoping that this blog will help me become motivated to continue with this.

For now, I just have to grab breakfast and finish watching this episode of Arrested Development. Starting season three now. Yes, I am very far behind.







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